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Impact ERP Frequently Asked Questions


ERP Software India What is an ERP system and how does it help me run my business better?
ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, it helps to connect all your functional departments under a single system, which enables seamless integration to all departments and ensures Live and updated information is available at your fingertip, which ensures better decisions for your business and provide time to you to focus on the core requirements of your business. It helps you to reduce operational cost and improve efficiency and productivity. [ More Info... ]


ERP Software India How is your Software score over other available solutions?
The modular based solution offers you to choose and implement whatever modules required for your business and it is not an out of a box plug and play software, its highly customizable so that what you get is a tailor made solution to meet your business need rather than a rigid system with limited functionality. The concurrent licensing model is another advantage. [ More Info... ]
ERP Software India Can I have a demo of your Software?
Yes, you can. We will organize an online or personal visit (limited to specific locations only) demo at your convenience, before which I suggest you to interact with our Sales Executive who can suggest you better and organize for a customized demo as per your need. If you have not requested for Free demo, click here to speak to our Sales executive, [ click here ].
ERP Software India What is online demo? How does it work?
This is a demo which happens over the internet in which we share our desktop with you and show the solution Live. For this demo, we shall send you a link (Webex/ Team-Viewer/ Show my PC, etc., ) which is a free desktop sharing tool/software. For voice we can connect through phone or voice chat like Skype/Gtalk etc.,
ERP Software India Can I get a Free Demo on CD/Download Link for our Evaluation?
As the software needs to be deployed on the client server architecture, we cannot provide you a free demo CD/Download Link for your evaluation, moreover this solution is a customizable software with vast functionalities and not a ready to use/ plug and play product with limited functionalities, and also this solution needs an initial training for master setup and others.
However if your requirement falls under specific industry/requirement, we shall arrange the same OR
We suggest you to have an online demo session with our technical team.
ERP Software India Explain how your Software Costing / Pricing?
Our costing is very simple, we don’t have User based License Cost, Implementation Cost like other software vendors. We just charge you on the Modules that you choose, so that you don’t have any hidden costs. It’s quite straight forward.
ERP Software India What is the Recurring Cost?
We provide free maintenance up to the first six months after the successful implementation, after that you can opt for AMC (Annual Maintenance Cost) which is very nominal and is about 11% of the project cost, which include software upgrades.
ERP Software India What do I get in AMC (Annual Maintenance Cost)?
Complete maintenance of your software, you also get relevant upgrades on the modules you are using, as our solution is aimed at continuous improvement and to help our customers gain max. out of Impact ERP System.
ERP Software India Can you please send detailed Quote / Proposal?
We can surely send you the tentative quote / proposal, for which we request you tosend us the details on your requirement. We suggest you to interact with our Sales Executive who can suggest you better on this or fill RFP Form.
ERP Software India You are based in Bangalore, India? How will you support us for post implementation issues?
Our Development office is located in Bangalore, India, whereas our support offices or residential engineers or partners are located in many parts of India. We have partner presence in USA, Middle East, Africa and Russia. Beyond this we have a strong support system and team, we serve clients across the globe. Physical location doesnot matter the most, as we connect to your server online and fix issues (if any), that is a more efficient way of doing it than physical presence (as it saves time & cost and at the same time the resolution for the problem is instant). If your issues demand visit of our engineer then we will visit you anyway.


ERP Software India Can I connect Multiple Branches?
Yes you can connect multiple branches as our solution is web enabled; all you need is just a broadband connection to do so. [ More Info ]
ERP Software India What if Internet Connectivity fails? Is it essential to have continuous connectivity to connect multiple branches?
If your branches are involved in business critical transactions then we can offer you off-line mode where in each branch can do transactions independently and synchronize the data across branches, which can be done periodically as per the availability of broad band connectivity.
If you need 100% online transaction and real time information systems across the branches then broadband internet connectivity is essential. [ More Info ]
ERP Software India Is your Software Web Enabled?
Yes it is. We have both application interfaces or browser interface of the web enabled system. [ More Info ]
ERP Software India How do you deploy your Solution? / What is the deployment Architecture?
You can have your server located at your premises in which ERP is loaded and all the client machines are connected to the server, you can also connect from remote locations (Branches/or individuals on laptop) through broadband connectivity. It’s called Client Server architecture. Or you can host your server in a datacenter and connect to it through broadband (Hosted Model). We support both the models and suggest you a suitable model once we study your requirements. [ More Info ]
ERP Software India What is the Database used?
Impact ERP is database independent, you can use MY SQL or MS SQL or IBM DB2 or ORACLE. MY SQL product is free, if you like to use other databases then you need to buy it separately. [ More Info ]
ERP Software India Do I need a high end Server to run your application?
No it works on any entry level server (primarily depends on the number of users and branches), we will suggest you a suitable server configuration after studying your requirement. [ More Info ]
ERP Software India What is the Technology used?
The server operating system is independent, you can use any OS (Operating system), but on the client (user) machines you need to have Windows OS or any OS if you are going for our Browser based ERP version. [ More Info ]

Not Getting???

If you are not getting what you are looking for, please write to us. We shall be happy to respond you.
[ More Info ]
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